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Mar Vitaminwater is known for deliciously fruity flavors like tropical mango, kiwi-strawberry and acai-blueberry-pomegranate — but in a fiery twist of events, the brand recently launched two new varieties, and one is kind of spicy. Prior to their official release date, Vitaminwater. Shop vitaminwater active, Strawberry Black Cherry, 15. Save time, save money, every day!

Available in different flavours, each with a unique name, such as Power-C, Defence, Focus, and Formula 50. Each flavour has a slightly different vitamin. Eldorado Vitamin Spring Water is USDA Certified Organic and combines pure mountain spring water with vitamins C, B B B and B12. Production Company: Nexus.

Lighting cameraman: Christophe Leignel. Caffeine in VitaminWater Energy Drink as well as VitaminWater Citrus Energy enhanced water. How do they compare to other beverages? Vitaminwater Zero; Variety pack: 4-Rise Orange, 8-XXX Acai-Blueberry- Pomegranate, 8-Squeezed Lemonade Flavored; oz bottle; ct.

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