Essential oil kits

Ready to waive goodbye to mosquitoes, flies, and more and have more fun outside? Lemongrass is mainly used as a vapour but also on the skin and . Because the aroma is so widely associated with insect repellent . Citronella Essential Oil is most widely known for its ability to deter mosquitos and other insects. Note: It is not recommended for individuals that have sensitive skin or are prone to dermatitis.

Directions for Use Essential oils are the highly concentrated active . Uplifting, refreshing and stimulating. Best known as an effective insect repellent – especially against moths and fleas. Our Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus) is a 1 pure, steam distilled essential oil.

Citronella is used in a variety of aromatherapy applications for its fresh, . This astringent cleansing properties are also used in bug sprays. With its powerful lemon-like aroma, citronella is a familiar component in outdoor sprays. Astringent and cleansing, citronella is also useful for oily, blemished skin.