Gibco b27 50x

BES : N,N-Bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-aminoethanesulfonic acid . Supplier, Life Technologies. Used in the support of low or high density growth and short or long-term viability of hippocampal and CNS neurons. Up to 500ml with neurobasal . V (ml) APO-transferrin (5ul).

Swinnex Filter Holder, mm. Heat -inactivation is recommended before use. Bsupplements (Table III).

B-MINUS INSulIN ( 50X ), ml . B在配成最终你使用的溶液时,浓度稀释了50倍。 样神经元的 . Invitrogen ) or FBS with DMSO. In the presence of Bwe have not observed any advantage of low O2. Thermo Fisher – 21103047. DMEM/F1 B( 50x ), n-Acetylcysteine (mM), primocin and/or P/S (antibiotics). Jan DMEM/F+ Neurobasal medium, N Bminus vitamin A,.

B( 50X , Life Technologies), BDNF (ng/ml, PeproTech), GDNF. NEUROBASAL Medium (1X) liqui . GIBCO products catalogue for the TECH-LINE in your region. DMEM F:(mM glucose), B( 50X , GIBCO ), 0. BSA, 10mM nicotinamide, Antibiotics (100X, GIBCO ), GLP-(7-36amide) , . Gibco ) and 10U mL-penicillin/ .