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Made with 1 Avocado Oil. So when these sea salt chips came across my desk—along with . As junk food goes, potato chips need only ingredients (potatoes, oil, salt) and are considered by. Order from FreshDirect now for fast delivery.

Crispy and crunchy potato chips made with only three simple ingredients – real sliced potatoes, a dusting of sea salt and flavor-rich 1 olive oil. It contains low sodium and no artificial colors, hydrogenated oils or added preservatives. Potatoes, avocado oil , sea salt. Think in between Lays original and thick kettle fried chips. That they are cooked in avocado oil is an added . Ready to ship within days.

These small-batch beauties . Get nutrition, ingredient. HEALTH NATURAL FOO KETTLE STYLE AVOCADO OIL POTATO CHIPS , . Cooking the chips kettle style ensures a hearty chip that can stand up to any dip . GOOD HEALTH Avocado Oil Sea Salt Oz. Good Health Natural Foods.

Kettle Style Chips with Sea Salt. High in Anti-Oxidants and Monounsaturated Fats . Immediate Delivery within hours, around the clock service. Try our other delightful snacks! Gluten Free and available in four flavors for every snacker: Sea Salt , . Chili Lime with Citrus-Infused Sea Salt Cooked in Avocado Oil.

Boulder Canyon Chips are made with only the best premium American grown potatoes to get the best flavor. Cooked in olive oil and then sprinkled with sea salt , these kettle-cooked chips offer. Every kettle style chip is made with particular cooking oils that include avocado oil , coconut oil .