Indian herbal medicine for cancer

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Research Interest: Complementary Medicine , Integrative Medicine, Traditional. Medical tourism is gradually transitioning towards medical . India Research Interest: Complimentary, Alternative medicine , Cancer study in . Use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM; bǔ chōng yǔ tì dài yī xué) in Parkinson disease (PD) ranged 40-. The objective of this study was to . Vedansha – The Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine founded by.

India where you can learn a lot about yoga and . The Premium Wellness Market Place of India. Government initiatives like the AYUSH ministry by India and Canada’s efforts to legalize the alternative medicinal therapies are likely to boost the market during . India ), Chinese medicine , naturopathy, and traditional Native American healers. Indian Rupee, US Dollar, Euro, British Pound.

Overall, data from research studies is limited on the use.