Is siddha medicine good for health

Allison Bransfield Morse – Doctor of Āyurvedic Medicine. Gold Medalist, 1st in the University), M. Ayurveda ), is an expert Ayurvedic doctor and honorary Ayurvedic lecturer. Ayurhealing hospital- We have a professional Ayurvedic doctor provide unique Ayurveda treatment in Bangalore.

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Ayurveda is aimed at people who want to find their natural balance and gain new. Dhanvantari, the doctor of gods, was the creator of the Ayurveda medicine. Each treatment is individually planned as per the needs of the patient prescribed by our expert Ayurvedic doctors.

Every cure includes a specific Ayurvedic diet . Shathayu Ayurveda was established in 19with an intension of providing effective.