Milk soap bar

Made By Hand With Goat Milk ; No Phosphates, Sulfates or Parabens – Biodegradable; Natural And Unscented For People With Sensitive Skin – No Fragrance! Best Body and Face Soap Our goat milk soaps are famous for their . Every goat milk soap bar is cold processed and contains at least an ounce of fresh, raw goat milk from our farm. Almond Goat Milk Soap ‎ Shampoo Goat Milk Soap ‎ Lavender Goat Milk Soap Cucumber Milk Soap Bar – Wildly American https://wildlyamerican.

The clean freshness of real organic cucumber puree and the sweet, subtle creaminess of coconut milk are fused into our vegan formula yielding a sweet foaming . Its exceptional composition gives moisturizing, firming, and softening properties, reinforced with 1 extra virgin olive oil. Olivos Goat Milk soap delays signs of . Otherwise known as good fats. All natural goat milk soap , handcrafted with high quality ingredients. Enjoy a gentle, cleansing, and moisturizing soap bar with a rich lather.

Activated Charcoal not only gives this goat milk soap bar its deep gray color, it also adds its unique detoxing properties. This unscented soap is silky .