Spirulina pills

Our spirulina is a great source of protein and is a great addition to smoothies, drinks and all your baked goods. Jan frozen bananas; tsp blue spirulina ; scoop vanilla protein powder ; cups Vita Coco Coconutmilk; tbs rolled oats. Spirulina platensis is a micro algae, which like to grow in saline environment. I want the chemical formula to increase the protein percentage of Spirulina culture. Mar However, bitterness and bad flavor of spirulina protein may limit its use in food products.

In this study, spirulina was encapsulated using ionic . Organic Spirulina Powder For more information recipes visit www. Rich in vitamin Bwhich contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism magnesium. Protein ‎: ‎66g Energy ‎: ‎1420kj 336kcal Spirulina: The Supplement Linked With Glowing Skin Reduced.

Spirulina is extremely rich in proteins , a core substance of any life forms, and the constituent amino acids thereof are ideally balanced.