Spirulina smoothie

The perfect plant-based breakfast or . What makes spirulina a great ingredient for smoothies is its relatively mild taste. Jun Made with spirulina powder (a blue-green algae), mango, orange, banana, and almond milk. Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. This recipe yields cups of smoothie.

This sweet spirulina smoothie also contains chlorella and wheatgrass. Coconut meat, banana, and mint make this a sweet, creamy, delicious detox drink. Spirulina is a superfood unlike any other. It is a type of blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria. Blue-green algae are an ancient type of life form.

Loaded with the goodness of spirulina, fruit and nuts. Perfect to start the day or to refuel in the . This delicious spirulina smoothie recipe was created by a Registered Dietitian and is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! The flavor of pineapple in superfood smoothies are strong enough to overpower the sharpness of spirulina. Boost your immune system with this colorful smoothie recipe.

Avocado smoothie with spirulina is so dark green in color because of the spirulina in the smoothie. This blue-green alga is very vibrant in color as well as in . Blend on high until smooth, about seconds. Nutrition Information for . Fruity goodness to boot – with a super spirulina and spinach spin! Sep Find out how to make a spirulina smoothie loaded with superfoods that tastes tropical and delicious! Sep My go-to morning green smoothie – creamy, delicious, mango.

Receive OFF your first . I love this recipe because it . While spirulina may be a top superfoo it can be unappealing and difficult to. Mask the taste but reap the health benefits with this delicious fruit smoothie ! My friend Melissa Wood Tepperberg first introduced me to the spirulina smoothie and I fell instantly in love. Dec This tropical spirulina smoothie recipe is definitely a winner! Aug This amazing minute spirulina smoothie is just the thing to help! Seriously, there are few better ways to give your body some love in the early . People can add spirulina powder to smoothies.

Enjoy this tasty combo as. May This green spirulina smoothie bowl is a simple smoothie transformed into a nutritious breakfast or snack. The toppings options are endless. This post may contain affiliate links. FAGE Total is a delightful addition to any smoothie recipe.

Mar This gorgeous smoothie has spirulina , an incredible skin superfood. It has amazing properties that reduce inflammation in the skin and . Aug This energy boosting mint chocolate spirulina smoothie is so healthy and beneficial for your immune health, but it feels like you are eating . This spinach and spirulina smoothie is a lightly sweet, nutrient-packed way to fuel your day and build healthy muscles. Reap all the health benefits of spirulina with a nutrient-packed green smoothie ! Jan Popeye would be proud. Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

Thanks to Melissa Wood of Melissa Wood Health for letting us share this incredible spirulina smoothie recipe with you. What is spiralina you may be asking . May Because spirulina has a very strong flavor you have to find a way to masks its flavor a bit. You can hardly go out for a bite without someone pouring an acai berry . In this detox spirulina smoothie I used lemon juice . Foods by Ann smoothies in glass bottles. Tasty and organic multi-fruit smoothie containing juice and fruit purees, without sugar and artificial ingredients. Today I made a super smoothie with high water content and not a lot of sugar.

Romaine lettuce is a very good source of dietary fiber . Packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. A great way to sneak the superfood spirulina smoothie into your diet without tasting it. And a guilt-free chocolatey treat to start the day.