Top ayurvedic medicine

It is no mistake that the word for “ oil ” and “love” are the same, sneha, in the Sanskrit language. Shirodhara is a unique form of ancient therapy of pouring oil on the forehead in continuous stream. It is considered to be the most relaxing treatment. Jun Typically, ayurvedic oils with the capacity to promote hair growth and balance pitta dosha may be nasally administered for treating hair loss.

A gentle stream of warm oil poured slowly and gently across your forehead. This massage for the brain is a profoundly relaxing and balancing treatment. Relaxing/revitalising or releases fluids and reduces.

Pizzichilli or Sekka – regal full-body oil treatment. A vigorous, rhythmic treatment using herbal oils specific to your current imbalances. This treatment breaks up adhesion, stimulates lymphatic flow, and guides . A full body massage tailored with warm herb-infused oils to improve muscle . Ayurvedic Body Treatment.