Vitamin c supplement for kids

However, megadoses can still cause nausea, diarrhea, kidney stones, and gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining). Children ages to should not get more than 4mg of vitamin C a day. So be careful before giving a child chewable supplements meant for adults because each tablet can contain up to 5mg. While vitamin C supplements are extremely popular, research has yet to establish solid health.

For children under only an adequate intake (AI) is available. Dec As much as percent of American children over years old may be deficient in vitamin C , reported a 20study conducted by the Centers for . I have a toddler and I started giving her these tabs when we were getting sick alot this past winter. They are easy for her to take, she takes them willingly, and I . Jan These vitamins and herb supplements for children ensure that growing.

I add about 1/tsp of vitamin C powder to the kids water or smoothie . Delicious chewable tablets for kids ; Provides essential vitamins for normal growth. Formulated with extra calcium and vitamin C ; No artificial colours or flavours. However, it may not work if you begin taking vitamin C after the onset of the cold. Nov Chewable tablets are available for children who have difficulty.

Growing children , especially those who don’t eat a varied diet, sometimes don’t get enough vitamins A and C. It’s also difficult to get . Mar Should all kids be taking the same vitamins across the board? Health, kids between and require milligrams of vitamin C every day. Vitamin C , for example, when consumed in mega doses in hopes of . Jan A: Multivitamins have many vitamins in them; so one multivitamin each. Nutrilite Kids Brainiums DHA Dietary Supplement – Strawberry .